About Us

Anthony Paul Litwin is the past president of the Wyoming & Sullivan Counties' BAR Associations. He is also Assistant District Attorney for Wyoming County.

Anthony Paul Litwin is also Solicitor for the following:

  • Eaton Township
  • Factoryville Borough
  • Falls Township
  • Jessup Township
  • Lenox Township
  • Monroe Township
  • Nicholson Borough
  • North Branch Township
  • Northmoreland Township
  • Noxen Township
  • Overfield Township
  • Terry Township
  • Tunkhannock Borough
  • Tunkhannock Township
  • Washington Township
  • Windham Township
  • Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development Commission
  • Kiwanis Wyoming County Fair, Inc.
  • Route 6 Tourist Association
  • Endless Mountains Heritage Region
  • Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau
  • Factory Borough
  • Clinton Township
  • Joint Municipal Sewer Authority
  • Wyoming County Council of Governments
  • Laceyville Borough Sewer Authority

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